Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

Confession time. In addition to my Epics I have an ever growing weakness for Black Library titles these days. I'm relatively new to the 40k world, but am falling in love with it via The Horus Heresy. This weekend I picked out this doorstooper, which I'm going to struggle to ever find the time for, but it just much fun! I'm thinking this might be my Christmas holiday treat :)

Written by Gaunt’s Ghosts creator Dan Abnett, this volume charts the career of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn as he changes from being a zealoyus upholder of the truth to collaborating with the very powers he once swore to destroy! 

Part detective story, part interplanetary epic, Xenos, Malleus, Hereticus and the two linking stories are amongst the very best tales ever told by the Black Library

Right now that holiday feels like a lifetime away, and I don't even know if I'm going to have a job by the end of this week or not. Don't you just loathe employers who keep you endlessly hanging? And this is after over ten years of loyal drudgery. I'll tell you what I'd do if I had a Magic Sword..............


Have a good Sunday night, lovely Bloggers. I should be back early next week with a review of Tallerman's Giant Thief. 'til then.


  1. I've just gotten into Warhammer 40k too and am absolutely addicted to painting the models and reading the books! (much to my girlfriend's dismay!)

    I've got the 'wrath of iron' to read but luckily it's only 400 pages long and not an absolute brick like most of the other 40k novels are!

    1. Ahh now I've not taken it that far yet, but I'm worried it might be the next step! ;)