Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kristin Cashore

A couple of friends have been telling me for awhile that Kristin Cashore's Seven Kingdom's Trilogy is well worth a read. "But it's YA", I said, "And romance" I sneered. "Pft". You see, I like my Fantasy dark and complex, gritty and terrifying wherever possible possible. I like huge doorstopper epics that I can lose myself in for weeks on end. I don't "do" fluffy fantasy.

And now I'm having to adjust my attitude and eat my words, because I'm halfway through Graceling and I'm completely captivated by it. How embarassing!

It's Beautiful. So beautiful that I had to run down to the library this morning to borrow Fire. And then have a little pouty stropette because they didn't have Bitterblue.

Friends - 1
Me - 0

You know, it makes me wonder what else my book-ish prejudices are letting me miss out on...Hmmmmm...

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