Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Operating on a reduced schedule

Should you drop by over the next few weeks and find things a little quiet around here, I've not wandered off and got lost, honest. I thought this year I'd bite the bullet and have a crack at NanoWriMo. I won't bore you with endless tales of the novel ideas that have come and gone over the years, or the way that I write maniacally until I finish chapter three, and then decide I'm not remotely cut out for it and jack it in. All I will say is that I have an idea that won't leave me alone, and I'd like to get it out of my head, and onto paper, if it all possible!

Free time is a bit of a mythical beast in my world. Between long office hours, a killer commute, and a family, my time is never my own. The only way I'll be able to crowbar some writing in is if I ditch some reading time.  I read; in the bath, on my breaks at work, and in the wee small hours of the morning. So I reckon November will leave me with; in the bath. I take long baths though, so there should still be a review or two trickling in :)

Normal service will be resumed in December!

If you're NanoWriMo'ing yourself, I would dearly love your company along the way!

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  1. Good luck - looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)

    Your reading schedule sounds a lot like my own, so I feel for you.