Friday, October 19, 2012

The Books of Magic, Neil Gaiman

From Neil Gaiman, the bestselling novelist and creator of the world-renowned comics title The Sandman, comes a mesmerizing tale of the dangers and opportunities of youth, and its endless possibilities. 

Illustrated by four of comics' most accomplished artists, John Bolton, Scott Hampton, Charles Vess and Paul Johnson, THE BOOKS OF MAGIC collects all four issues of the original miniseries that introduced the character of Timothy Hunter and set the stage for his continuing adventures. 

Timothy Hunter could be the most powerful magician in the world, but does he really want to be? Guided through the magical world starting at the begining of time by a group of DC Universe magicians, often refered to as the Trenchcoat Brigade (John Constantine, Phantom Stranger, Mister E, and Doctor Occult), they attempt to aid Timothy in his decision whether or not to embrace his gift. However, by the time Timothy makes a choice, it may have already been made for him.

The Books of Magic marks my second foray into the world of Graphic Novels, and I think my newness to the DC world as a whole made this one a hopelessly confusing read. In my current state I'd never get anywhere near as much out of this as a long-time DC fan would.

It's not really a starts out that way, but if anything it's more a conveyor belt run through the Magic of the DC Universe, a sort of showcase of characters that I was largely unfamiliar with. Obviously this was a case of poor choice on my part, and I'm not qualified to criticise the book as it was my own stupid fault for not paying more attention to what I was buying. If you're looking for coherent narrative...this isn't really going to be for you. There is a parts at least...should young Tim become a wizard? or not? (I keep hearing Hagrid booming "Yer a wizard Harry!"). For the most part though this is just a collection of showcases and meditations...too loosely bound for my liking. The artwork though, I've got to say, is absolutely beautiful :)

Personally? Not for me..I'm a chronically linear soul. For those of you who love your Magic and Fantasy looser and more conceptual? Go for it! It's honestly worth having on your shelf just for the artwork alone..

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