Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Feist Feast

I couldn't resist this lot for for a fiver this morning at my local School's Secondhand Book Sale :)

That's me sorted for December!! I do enjoy sort of...old school Fantasy, and I always think the Winter months are perfect for a classic, Epic series. So I'm dead excited and will be getting all cosy and making December a serious Feist-Fest. 

NanoWriMo is taking up just about all of my already teensy amounts of free time just now, but I have managed to finish The Red Wolf Conspiracy and will try and get a review up tomorrow. I've hit my writing word count today, and as Small Child is napping still I want to try and crack on with The Written, which is a huge amount of fun. Mostly though, it's out with the reading and in with the writing until December. 

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