Friday, December 7, 2012

Wheels, Time, and excuses!

Oh poor dear blog, I've not been very attentive! I have to confess, NanoWriMo completely hammered the whole of November for me, and I'm finding myself slow to recover! I do have a couple of reviews backed up though, and hope to get some out over the weekend, small child permitting. I think for the most part though, things will stay quiet around here until after Christmas, when I hope to be back with a bang :)

Anticipation-wise, the last book in the legendary (for both good and bad reasons!) Wheel of Time series is filling my head at the moment, and I'm contemplating a WoT re-read in readiness. Although I'm not sure if I'm tough enough just now! But it would definitely be a cool thing to do if I can find the time.

Other than that, am just hanging in there at work and waiting it out for the Christmas break. Come on holidays, get on with it!

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