Thursday, October 25, 2012

Re-Reads, The Curse Of

One of the many reasons my TBR pile often remains shamefully un-dented is my obsession with re-reads. Every now then something will spark a memory of a much loved tome, and before you know it I'm turning the house upside down looking for an ancient, well thumbed copy of something in particular and losing myself in its familiar wonderfulness. At the cost of all those shiny new books glaring at me from the shelf.

My current urge is for Andy Remic's Clockwork Vampire Chronicles. I'm a bit late to the news that he's going to be writing some new Fantasy for Angry Robot,("The Iron Wolves") but late or not it had me fair squee'ing with delight tonight. And after the squees came the inevitable, "now..where are my CV Chronicles..."

There are many, many reasons I love this trilogy, but the biggest draw for me is that it reminds me of David Gemmell, and I couldn't possibly love Gemmell any more than I do. Remic is more sort of...David Gemmell if he'd hung around with Tarantino once in awhile, and had a wee bit too much to drink before sitting down with a pen. But Gemmell nonetheless! 

Wish me luck, I know it's in the house somewhere......

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  1. Love it!! :-) But you do know DG enjoyed his vodka, don't ya?.....
    The Rem.